performance Coaching

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Everything you need is already within you

It isn’t easy to confront yourself fully and live authentically. When you are brave enough to dig deep into your beliefs and the story you tell yourself to be, live and feel you can begin to see if your mindset is allowing you to live your best life and create opportunities that include your potential.

It takes courage and a willingness to be vulnerable and real – but when you do, it will dramatically change your life.

Living your life from a place of authenticity while ensuring your mindset is focused on your goals in a positive way, allows you to experience a life that is fulfilling, and aligned to your purpose and passion.

I’m here to help you turn that burning desire for something more into a real, breathing, I’m so grateful I wake up to this everyday kind of life.

Through my performance program we will get you laser focused on spreading those wings and setting the flight path of your dreams!


Through my personal experience having Lacie as my coach, I can vouch that her vivacious, endearing, and positive personality combined with her natural talent to coach, are the perfect recipe for an invaluable source of (personal and preseason) advice, motivation, and guidance. I can confidently say that Lacie has guided me through self-discovery, built up my confidence, and extracted all of this from deep within me by helping me de-cloud my own thoughts, realizing and pinpointing what was there all along, and focusing on ME. Her advice is tailored to my personal aspirations where she gives me one-on-one suggestions that I am confident cannot be found elsewhere.

Rhyan P.