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As a business coach one of the things I frequently see with leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals, is when you become more successful the complexity of running your business increases dramatically.

You may find yourself wearing so many different hats that you lose focus on what truly matters. During these times of increased complexities, you may find yourself at your wits end with building stress, less freedom and joy. Ultimately forgetting why you were called to serve in the first place. The passion and excitement that was there in the beginning of the business seems more like a fading memory. Burdened by the increasing demands of the business, everything can look like a big deal.

This is when, you as a business owner or leader, are vulnerable to making costly mistakes when it comes to dealing with the direction of the company and the people you inspire. What also tends to happen is you end up working harder and not necessarily smarter, trying to make the necessary changes for business growth. This pressure and stress often take a toll on your personal life as well. Switching gears between the business and home becomes a line so easily crossed. It can create distance and added pressures that impact your most precious relationships and family life. All of these stressors play a vital role in the success of your business as well impact your wellbeing, and the feeling of fulfillment that you have worked so hard to achieve.

For many business owners this seems like the price you have to pay for having a successful business.

What if there was another way?

A coaching investment for your business, is really an investment in you, and will allow you the space needed for fresh ideas to be born, and where curiosity meets capability. Peace of mind can then become the signature strength of your business.

You have a choice. Are you ready to make a change?

Then work with a business coach who has been there. I’m a professional and an entrepreneur who’s not merely trained as a business coach and leader, but who has honed my craft, in the trenches, with real experiences. I have overcome and faced the same challenges you are encountering. Coaching reminds me that my belief of being all things to all people was a story I needed to stop telling myself in order to create the vision, strategies, and relationships that truly impacted my growth personally and in business. That is when everything really took flight.

Running your business doesn’t have to be so overwhelming and stressful. Whether you’re seeking a business coach for yourself, your leaders or staff, I invite you to learn how to soar into your limitless potential.


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My passion is inspiring and working with other entrepreneurs to live a life of meaning, and that includes your business. Together we will explore your business journey, capabilities, and leadership, all while setting and reaching the goals that will make a positive impact on your business as well as your life. Following your passion doesn't need to be so difficult. This investment will be exactly what takes your business to new heights.


I hired Lacie as a Coach and I can't recommend her enough. There are many life coaches out there but Lacie is walking the walk and talking the talk. She practices what she preaches and it shows in her personal and professional life. With Lacie's help, I launched a Yoga for Recovery program in Calgary. She also helped me to get clear on other areas of my business and where opportunities for growth and expansion were available and how I could seek those opportunities out. I've gained skills and insight from working with Lacie that I will be able to carry forward for years to come. Thank you Lacie!

Deana L.