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LIFE and business performancE

Change can happen in an instant. Change will allow you to break through limiting beliefs and create new ‘AHA’ moments that allow you to feel and experience your infinite greatness and potential.

As an experienced strategy and innovation specialist, a graduate of the Ivey School of Business, along with years of organizational leadership and coaching high performance teams, I am now able to live my passion more authentically as a Performance Coach and Consultant.

Working with me has allowed my clients to unlock their true potential, connect ideas and people, and inspire outcomes. I thrive on creating spaces for innovative ideas to be born, and to create an environment that limits challenges and barriers. My clients love the safe and trusting space I create for them, and I want all of my clients to experience life authentically, and from a place of purpose and passion. I truly believe that you are the captain of your own life and it all starts with your mindset.


I was first introduced to Lacie Wournell, Performance & Life Coach, at an introductory workshop on Mindset. What impressed me most about her workshop is the common sense and matter of fact approach about the mental choices we make regarding our reactions to situations outside of our control. There is no denying the fact that life can be challenging and painful, but mental attitude helps in the challenging times. Her workshop is more than a "keep positive" approach to what happens, it is more a realistic acceptance and solution orientated empowering reaction. The choice to not stay in the mental and emotional perceived negative situation.  Through coaching new thoughts and new habits, to move through the situation with confidence. I recommend Lacie Wournell for any type of cognitive and emotional empowering change. 

Angela S.


discover within yourself, the beliefs or issues that are blocking you from getting all you want out of life.


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